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Original SPG All-Purpose 14.5 oz.

Original SPG All-Purpose 14.5 oz.

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#1 Selling All Purpose Rub - Salt, pepper and garlic - Nectar of the BBQ gods. 

SuckleBusters didnt invent SPG, but we were the FIRST to perfect and market it! 

Introducing SuckleBusters SPG All-Purpose Seasoning – the versatile blend that adds a burst of flavor to every dish. Crafted with care, this seasoning trio of salt, pepper, and garlic (SPG) is your ultimate culinary companion, enhancing a wide range of dishes with its classic, bold taste.

Elevate your cooking game with SPG All-Purpose Seasoning. From grilled meats to roasted vegetables, this blend effortlessly elevates your ingredients. The balance of salt, the kick of pepper, and the depth of garlic work together harmoniously, enhancing the natural flavors and creating a symphony of taste.

Whether you're firing up the grill, heating up the stove, or experimenting in the kitchen, SPG All-Purpose Seasoning is your go-to option for adding depth and character to your dishes. The seasoning forms a mouthwatering crust, locking in juices and transforming your meals into culinary delights.

Embrace the simplicity and versatility of SuckleBusters SPG All-Purpose Seasoning. No matter your culinary creation, this blend delivers consistent and delectable results that are sure to impress. Enhance your cooking with the power of a classic trio and savor the magic in every bite.

Flavor Profile: Salt, black pepper and garlic

Heat Level: Medium (black pepper)

Use on: Beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish. 

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Turbinado Sugar, Spices and Silica. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.

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